Tupperware Review - How Can You Make Massive Income?

Published: 05th February 2010
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If you're checking out this review right now, you are most likely looking for more ways to make more profit with the Tupperware business opportunity. Reading this review you will get all your Tupperware answers as to whether it is in fact a great business opportunity, and learn more on how to make substantial income through it.

Tupperware Company
Publicly traded as NYSE (TUP), this company has reported ending the year 2008 with total sales amounting to $2.2 billion. Earl Tupper was the man who created new food storage containers made out of polyethylene, and later on in 1946 he founded this company. Tupperware reported sales explosion in the 1950's. It was the time when Tupperware Parties were introduced by independent distributors, during which they sold their products. It was recorded that sales slowed down between the 80's and 90's, but afterwards recovered through the launch of new items.

Initially the company was named Tupperware Company, however name was changed to Tupperware Brands in 2005, after acquiring BeautiControl in 2001. This added more products to the existing Tupperware range.

The Products
Food preparation products, storage and serving items are considered to be the most popular Tupperware products provided through the original Tupperware Brand. Added to this collection are personal care and beauty products, provided through another seven different brands.

Tupperware Compensation Plan
Unfortunately at the time of this in-depth review there was very minimum amount of information on the Tupperware compensation plan on the official company's website. However, through various brochures and websites, it is shown that starting out as a Tupperware consultant requires the purchase of a Business Kit costing $79.99, or an Executive Business Kit for the price of $119.99. You are also required to make personal sales of $250 within the first four months of joining.

A Tupperware consultant receives a commission of 25% on retail sales. If sales reach $1,200, a consultant also gets an additional bonus of 5%, which can go up to 10% for a sales amount of $3,200.

Yet another bonus is also available for Manager and Director level. This commission is referred to as 'royalties', calculated on your team's sales volume.

In order to reach Manager level, you need to have three active recruits, $500 personal monthly sales volume and $2,000 in group sales volume. Director Development Bonus is also eligible at Director level. Again, commission is calculated on your own team's sales volume. To be eligible to the Director Development Bonus you must have recruited nine people in your team, which is also required to make a total of $10,000 or more in sales volume.

Manager level provides representative with a commission percentage ranging from 4% to 8%, while in the case of Director level, percentage range is slightly higher at 6% to 12%, both of which are determined by the number of personal referrals for the month.

Marketing Training
Training is provided by Executive Directors. Training provided is based on traditional techniques, namely home parties, bridal parties, fund raising, online catalogue parties, and so on.

Can You Really Be a Successful Tupperware Representative?
As we've evalutated above, Tupperware does provide a variety of products, most effectively carrying the Tupperware brand name. In addition to this, prices are said to be quite good.


Tupperware are competing against a lot of other companies offering similar products. This means that direct selling may seem easy at first, but in fact it's tough. It's true that parties and events may actually create results, but these also require a lot of expenses and time consumption, both in excess.

So How Can You Prosper With Tupperware?
In order to be successful you have to stop thinking traditional techniques and start implementing attraction marketing strategies. This means that you have to learn the art of attracting people to you from all over the world through the internet, wanting to sign up under you and no other representative. You have to shine, extract yourself from the traditional Tupperware crowd, and be a revolutionary leader.

That way you won't have to worry about where and when will you be organising your next Tupperware party as you will have more than enough people calling you every single day, emailing you, asking you to sign them up as Tupperware representatives, credit card in hand.

Why? Because if you're a thriving leader everybody will want to join you and follow your footsteps in order to attain the same success height you've reached.

97% of Network Marketers Fail and Quit'Only 3% Thrive and Profit

What's different with the successful 3%? They promote themselves and not their business. People join people, not businesses. People yearn to learn, to know the secret to success. That's what these successful people provide. So, bottom line, if you really want to be successful in the Tupperware business, or any other MLM business, then you definitely have to follow successful people's footsteps.

Yes, you too can be successful...

Be the Leading Tupperware Star!

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